Thursday, February 02, 2023

Warning! Don't select any subscription management system until you read this FREE special report.

Making any one of the 12 biggest mistakes in selecting an in-house circulation fulfillment system can cost you thousands of dollars.  Hard to believe but it’s true!  Don’t fall preylike other publishers and circulation directors have done unknowing.  These mistakes  could cost you your job or your business.

This eye opening, shocking report, reveals the blunders that others before you have made.  The facts you need to know are disclosed in a new Free Special Report.

Some huge mistakes are made over and over again.  Some are just an annoyance.  However, some can put you out of business!   Most can easily be avoided just by knowing what they are.

Also learn the Three Dirty little secrets most circulation vendors don’t want you to know.  You'll probably laugh when you hear them because they're so true.  Now you'll never be tricked like that again.


Learn the eight deadly reasons for not programming your own system.  Learn why your cost almost always exceeds the budget and how you can save thousands of dollars

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