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Adding a User-Defined Field
Adding a User-Defined Field

Go to Setup, click Edit, User Defined Fields:


Select the customer data file “cust.dax”





Enter the Field Name and Field size (this example defaults to an alpha-numeric text type field). When you have completed entering your User Defined Fields, click Save Setup to save the User Defined Fields you have created:



In the Transactions program, you will see a new tab called User will appear. This tab displays the User Defined Fields:




Note: once the User Defined Fields have been defined, and data has been entered into the User Defined Fields, you may not make any changes to the field type or field length. Changing the field type or field length will result in the altering of existing data previously entered in the User Defined Fields.


However, the field name may be changed and you may add additional User Defined Fields at any time.


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