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Connection Problems: I Can't Get Into First Edition/Post
Connection Problems: I Can't Get Into First Edition/Post

There are several common problems that can prevent a user from accessing First Edition from a workstation. First Edition is designed to “remember” the location of your First Edition database by writing the paths to c:\windows\lynx.ini. This feature precludes the user from continually having to browse for the First Edition database. The user will get an error and will be unable to access First Edition if that path is located on a disconnected network hard drive. If the user inadvertently redirects First Edition to a path that does not contain First Edition data, or if the First Edition data has changed locations, First Edition will have to be redirected to that new location. Following are solutions to these common issues.

The network drive where the First Edition data is stored becomes “disconnected”. Double click on My Computer, then double click the Disconnected Network Drive. If you do not get an error, try launching First Edition. If you get a network error, contact your network administrator:


Try deleting the lynx.ini file. Double click My Computer, double click the Local Disk (C:), double click the Windows folder, scroll down and right click the file called lynx.ini. After deleting lynx.ini, you will have to browse for the First Edition data to allow it to “remember” the location by writing the path into a new lynx.ini file:




In the Folder window, click the drive letter where the First Edition data is stored. Scroll down to the folder (and then sub-folder if applicable) and click the folder where the First Edition data is stored. The subuser.dat file will appear in the File name window if this is a First Edition data folder.


Note: if you do not know where the First Edition data is located, look at the path at the top of the Publication Select window in the Transactions program on a workstation that does “remember” the First Edition data location.


If First Edition “forgets” the location of its data, you can simply browse for the folder containing the subuser.dat file. In the Transaction program, click the Directory button in the lower-right corner of the Publication Select screen:



Note: This article also applies to Post. Browse for the "Puser" file (similar to "subuser.dat" for First Edition) in the Post Order program. Upon locating the Puser file, Post updates Lynx.ini so Post will "remember" the location of its' data:

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