Changing a Publication Schedule

Existing Subscriptions


Example:  Changing from 12 to 6 Issues Per Year (IPY).  If an existing subscriber has 10 Remaining Issues (RI), how many RI will the subscriber have after the change?


Global changes may need to be used to adjust these subscribers.


Billing/Renewal Schedules


An adjustment might be in order because the old renewal schedule, for example, might be:


Effort 1 -4

Effort 2 -3

Effort 3 -2

Effort 4 -1


-4 RI under the new schedule means 4 cycles, not 4 issues.


Update Changes


If the publication is changing from 12 to 6 issues per year, the circulation director will likely want to run supplemental updates in between the major issue updates.  Supplemental updates are used only to update the billing and renewal schedule counts; it doesn't increment the issue date or subtract RI from subscribers.


Another example is changing IPY from 24 to 8, with the Next Issue beginning at 1801:


Go to Setup and change the IPY and Next Issue. Global Change the Term and divide by three. Global Change the Start Issue to 1801. Global Change the RI by dividing by three. Note: in this case dividing the RI by three will cause rounding up of remaining issues, and the expire issue will not necessarily be correct until the next Major Update is run.


Concerning the change in term, you need to ask your circulation director a few things.  First does he want the current subscribers to receive a full Year (e.g. 10 issues) or just the issues they paid for?  If just the issues they paid for, then just change issues per year to 10 (although you should wait until after the  0701 issue update.  If existing subscribers get 10 issues, you’re going to have to use global change to 1) Select Active subs and +2 their term, and +2 their Remaining Issues.


Another Example


One of our Publications is going from a weekly to a monthly. We need to Global Change the Remaining Issues and multiply them by 1.5 but I am not able to enter a fractional amount. How can I Global Change my Remaining Issues by dividing by 1.5?


First, backup all First Edition data. Run two passes of Global Changes:

First pass, MULTIPLY Remaining Issues by 2. Second pass, DIVIDE Remaining Issues by 3. Example: if RI = 25, then 25/1.5 = 16.6666; 25*2=50/3 = 16.6666


Note: depending on the number of remaining issues, you may not be able to anticipate the effects of rounding.

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