Printing Problems

Run-time error '482': Printer error




First Edition Printer Configuration

For each workstation, go into the Circulation Reports program, click File, Program Configuration. Make sure the default printer set here is the same as the one for that workstation:

Still not able to print First Edition reports? You may want to delete the lynx.ini in c:\windows on the workstation(s) and then re-define the default printer.


Make sure you can print a test page from the printers’ properties and confirm that printing from Microsoft Word or other application is successful. You can try deleteing and reinstalling the printer, reset the default to another printer, then back again. One clue with this type of problems is: “it was working great yesterday, it’s not working today”. So what has changed in the past twenty four hours in terms of printers, printer drivers, or the print server on the network that could cause problems? Is this a problem that occurs with only one workstation, or does it happen with all workstations. If the problem is with just one workstation then what’s different about this workstations’ printer configuration versus the other workstations?

 First Edition printer functions are a standard interface to the Windows print handler. Printers assigned to user defined ports that don’t exist in an attempt to work around printer issues with other applications can cause First Edition to have problems printing. Problems may also occur with locally shared printers [not having correct access rights, etc]. As long as you have a printer using a reasonable, or “industry standard” driver, and the printer is online via a print server, you shouldn’t have any problems (Note: First Edition does not support Print from Print Preview, or duplex printing at this time).


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