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General Protection Fault
General Protection Fault

Occasionally, you may experience a General Protection Fault while in a Windows program. The error messages may look similar to the following:

Anytime you experience a General Protection Fault, not with just First Edition, but any other applications, it is an indication that Windows has been interrupted by a set of circumstances that had not previously been accounted for. Since there are perhaps millions of separate software applications in existence, of which there is virtually an unlimited number of combinations of these applications that may cause this problem, there is basically no practical way of determining cause. The immediate solution is simple: restart workstation(s) and server(s).


Note: Occasionally there may exist a conflict with DLL's (Dynamically Linked Libraries) between Windows based software applications. If you are experiencing frequent occurrences of General Protection Faults (or Divide by Zero errors in Windows Vista) in First Edition, you may want to set the option to "Run in separate memory space" in the properties of the shortcut icon (start with the shortcut for the Output program) as shown in the following example:


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