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Record in Use
Record in Use

Occasionally the Record in Use error may occur:


This is a legitimate errror, the purpose of which is alert the user who is getting the error that another user is already modifying this same subscriber. Multiple users cannot access the same subscriber record at the same time.

However, what causes this message if you have confirmed no other users are currently in First Edition?

There are several possibilities as to why you get this message. When exiting a First Edition application program such as the Transaction program, you should click File/Logout. If a workstation(s) are shutdown without first properly exiting First Edition applications, the Pervasive Database Engine doesn’t know that the user is no longer in the application. It may leave a file(s) open and record(s) locked until either Pervasive is restarted or perhaps the server is restarted. The same applies if there is a power failure or other hardware error that causes the workstation to fail. A hard error in a First Edition application, a network error, or a Windows operating system error can also cause this to happen.


The solution is to restart your workstations first. If the message still appears, then ask your IT department to restart the Pervasive Services on the server that Pervasive Server version is installed, or clear locked records and files, or restart the server.


Note: see also "Pervasive Monitor".

Note: see also "Maximum network users in use!"


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