Adds/Drops versus Additions/Removals

Let’s first clarify terminology: “Adds/Drops” refers to the Add/Drop report in the Circulation Reports program. “Additions and Removals” is reported as part of the Audit Reports and should be considered separate from the Add/Drop report in Circulation Reports as they serve two separate functions and will not necessarily reconcile.


Audit qualification status can be changed several ways: the subscriber status changes to something other than Active, a qualification date is older than 3 years, or a user manually changes the qualification status. Now consider that the subscriber status can change as a result of yet more events, the subscriber expires, is bad debited, canceled, etc. There are many combined possibilities that can change qualification status. The “Add/Drop” report shows changes in subscriber status, the “Additions and Removals” in the Audit reports shows changes in the qualification status.


Note 1: A change in the address screen will not change a subscriber status (except with Postal Suspends), or qualification status.

Note 2: Renewing a subscriber will automatically update the qualification status to Qualified, and the qualification date to today’s date (this feature implemented in the Transaction program, Version 7, December 2007).

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 (Archive on Monday, January 1, 0001)
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