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Recommended System Requirements
Recommended System Requirements

Workstations should arrive bundled with Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2. 2 gb Minimum ram, 80 gb hard drive (all of which should be partitioned as the local drive or c:).


Server(s) should arrive with Windows Server 2003 and latest service pack. 2 gb minimum ram, more is better. 160 gb hard drive, 300 gb is better. At least 100 gb should be partitioned as the local drive (c:). Mirrored array is highly recommended.


The processors in all workstations and servers should be Intel based Pentium.


American Power Supply (APC) uninterrupted power supplies (UPS’s) are recommended for all workstations and servers.


Veritas (or equivalent) tape backup system.


Sonic [hardware] firewall.


Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition


At least one workstation equipped with a DVD burner.


Note: 64 bit is not currently supported, however, an upgrade for 64 bit is in development.


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