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Remote Access
Remote Access


What you are referring to is commonly known as Remote Access. Remote Access is a term that describes the ability to access a workstation and/or server on a network from an outside, or remote location. An excellent example of Remote Access is the fact that my office workstation is always connected via gotomypc. This gives me the ability to provide email support and other company related functions from my home in the event I am unable to get to my office. There are three layers of security which must be addressed for me to gain access to my office workstation. First, a username and password must be entered to get into gotomypc. Second, an access code must be entered to enable the connection from the remote location to gain access to my office workstation. Third, I must authenticate myself on the corporate network by logging in with a valid username and password.

Gotomypc is just one example that may be used for Remote Access. I am using gotomypc as an example for the purpose of explaining the concept of Remote Access. There are many other options. Many of these options are far more expensive, require maintenance, and are difficult to use, yet they don't provide any additional security.

Lynx Media/ First Edition is currently not a web-based application. Our software applications are designed to run in a network environment. We do not have, nor do we provide, any software, applications, or hardware to support Remote Access. This is because Remote Access is handled exclusively through the use of Remote Access applications, e.g. gotomypc, logmein, or VPN, that are specifically designed to address these types of requirements.

Regardless of the remote access method that is selected, the concept stays the same -- you have a user outside the corporate network that gains access to that network, and appropriate security measures must be evaluated.

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