Set up a new publication in First Edition

Backup all First Edition data before setting up a new publication. Launch the First Edition Setup program. Assuming the new publication is to be setup in the existing publication folder, click Cancel in the Publication Select window:



Click File, click New Publication:




In the General tab, enter the two letter publication code and the name of the publication:




Click OK in the directory window:




In the File Locations tab, enter the paths for the Subscriber, Prospect, Customer, Inactive, and Payment files. Note: if the new pub shares the Customer file with other existing publications, confirm that the path you entered points to the shared Customer file location. In the Optional Files section, enter the path to the shared Prospect file if the Prospect file is shared with other publications. Enter the path to the location of the Lynxzip zip code database. Click OK, complete entering of all of the appropriate information in Setup:




Note: See also Chapter 2 beginning on page 23 in the First Edition User’s Guide for additional instruction on publication setup.


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