Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Content Management with Lynx Ecommerce is easy yet powerful.

  • Content management with editing by chosen roles, and published and expired by your date range.  Entire layout completely templated.  Allows for ultimate flexibility in integrating news or blogs with your site. JS and/or DHTML can be included to create news tickers, scrollable areas, etc.
  • Search engine friendly.  Removed all postbacks and all content, including archives can now be crawled.  Article titles can be links to full article.  Article title can even be included in actual URL.
  • Optional paging which is crawlable with no postbacks.
  • Podcasting. with support for enclosure tags when publishing files via RSS enables the power of podcasting for your site.Support for articles to links.  Link to external URL, internal page or portal file.RSS feeds with highly customizeable template design and support for RSS 0.9x, 1.0, 2.0 as well as Atom feeds.Announcements
  • FAQ
  • Calendars and Events.  renders single and recurring events and includes Master and Sub Calendars with Event Rollup, TimeZone Adjustment, Event Enrollment, and Event Notification.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adsense
  • Banners
  • Surveys
  • Content Rotator
  • News Tickler
  • Text viewable by role.
  • Testimonials
  • Image Gallerys
  • Links
  • HTML/Text module allows authorized users to edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. The content is stored in the database. According to module settings, tokens can be used, that get replaced during display.
  • Document Repository for files/objects that includes community features like comments and user ratings.
  • Wiki
  • HTML iframe which creates an inline frame that contains another document, which can be located on your or any other site.
  • Media
  • User downloads/uploads
  • User registration/log in.  (registered user is a standard role)


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Content Management Pictures Subscription Service Pictures Web Management Pictures Shopping Cart Pictures Data Center Pictures
Picture of business profile for a controlled subscription
Picture of customer service screen. Picture of Subscription form for subscriber
Picture of ship-to screen. Picture of snowbird screen.
Picture of privacy form. Picture of payment form screen. Picture of group new order.
Picture of setup for recurring subscription product.
A full ranges of subscription services are available for your subscribers - change the wording and order if you like.
Demographics for audits such as BPA/ABC/Verified or for marketing segmentation. Your custom demographics are setup for you by Lynx Media.
Here is the profile of a controlled subscription. Demographics are your demographics, setup for you by Lynx Media.
Your customer can easily notify you of missed or duplicate issues. Each subject in the pull-down is user defined to say anything you wish. And each subject can also have it's own email address. For example customer service sent to while letters to the editor go to, and so on.
Your subscribers may easily renew. And their renewal term and prices are database driven so that you can easily show prices for USA versus outside USA, Trial offer renewals, Group special prices, Edition prices (Print versus Electronic) and much more.
By clicking the edit button, a subscriber can update his or her own address. That saves your customer service a phone call and data entry time.
Each subscriber can easily edit their own ship-to address. Of course a blank ship-to simply uses the bill-to address.
Subscribers who go south for the winter (Snowbirds) can enter a temporary or permament snowbird address. Doing the snowbird date range, First Edition will substitute the snowbird address for the normal ship-to address.
Subscribers may enter or clear a vacation suspend date range.
You subscriber can easily edit their privacy settings.
Your subscriber who subscriber by a bill-me mail-in card, can pay for his subscription on your web site.
Group Billing Master is assigned their own role, allowing them to add new members to the group, edit group addresses, or renew group subscriptions.
Now sell recurring subscriptions on-line for publications or web access. And it supports multiple levels - I.E., Silver, Gold, Platinum.
Subscribtion offers are dynamic, based on user country, source, edition, copies, group, and/or postage.
Blogging, which is connected to your website, is content that search engines love and helps you improve your SEO.
Forums allow you to create communities who come to your website which establishes your publication as the leading authority on your subjects.


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