Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Lynx Ecommerce comes setup with a smart shopping cart

  • Multilingual, search engine optimised
  • Programmed to work with First Edition.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Support for electronic, downloadable products.
  • Recurring subscription billings.
  • Unlimited Categories and sub-categories.
  • Bundled products and tickets.
  • Auctions.
  • Tax/Vat zone management.
  • Loyalty points.
  • Email promotion.
  • Database synchronization with portals.
  • Electronic product download support.  Data Pool for license keys. Download counter; Select maximum number a file can be accessed/downloaded from the order details page, select number of days beginning from the date of the first access after which a download link will be disabled on the order details page; Download files for product variants; DRM (Digital Rights Management) support (DRMNetworks): DRM Networks provides an economical, easy-to-use, turnkey solution for the secure packaging, licensing and selling of digital media.
  • Media Gallery You can add an unlimited number of video-, music-, flash-, software-, image- and downloadable files, external links and links to a page in your site to each product. The user can listen to music files, watch video files, show video / audio demonstrations and images which are displayed in the integrated media player, flash player, image viewer or a custom media viewer / player and can download files. Restrict view permissions of links by user roles. Select download files for product variants.
  • Item based donations You can optional allow users to give as much as they want for a product, and likewise enable them to set their own price. This can be used for donations or if you .publish any items for free and want to allow your friends to pay something if they want to honor your work
  • Language packages for English, German,  Portuguese,  Danish,   Greek, French, Swedish,  Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, and  Dutch.
  • Inventory Tracking.
  • Wish list.
  • Buy it now.
  • Quanity discounts, customer discounts,  retail and wholesale pricing.  Percentage or fixed rate discounts and pricing  depending on categories, role membership, user, date, coupons, billing period, cart amount.
  • All orders are stored in a SQL database so customers can view, search and browse personal order history and order details.
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/orders/invoices/credit notes/quotations
  • Printable invoices, credit notes, quotations and order receipts.
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses, Business profile.
  • Affiliate programs
  • Shipping labels with editable layout can be printed.
  • Backorders allowed.
  • Sales Statistics includes detailed Sales Reports and Profit Report.
  • Tax Zones. Calculate the tax depending on client's location and products. Specify tax rate for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. Define Tax Zones and assign these Tax Zones to several items(Product-specific taxes). Also support for Canadian taxes as well as "Tax exempt" capability.
  • Calculation of freight costs item based, for first item and following items (the same or different products in the same delivery),  Or charge flat rate and Offer free shipping / Free of charge if total goods price equal a certain amount.  Mark products as Free Shipping.
  • Real time freight charges calculation depending on weight and dimensions of items.  
  •  Real-time rate calculation and package tracking with United Parcel Service (UPS) and UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE (USPS). Support for UPS negotiated rates and overweight packages.
  • Real-time rate calculation and tracking with United States Postal Service (USPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL WorldWide Express (DHL), AirBorne Express (Airborne) and Canada Post - or any combination of the above - even at the same time!
  • Conway freight rating support. (required .netSHIP control  which is separately sold.
  • Real-time Credit card processing with SSL support integrates the following payment gateways:
    • Authorize.Net
    • Authorize.Net eCheck
    • PayPal Website Payments Pro
    • PayPal standard
    • Banca Sella / GesPay
    • Cardia service version)
    • Cardia popup version)
    • maltapay
    • NAB (National Australia Bank)
    • Protx VspDirect
    • Protx VspServer
    • Protx VspForm
    • PayPal
    • WorldPay
    • FuturePay
    • Verisign PayflowLink
    • Australian Verisign PayflowLink
    • Verisign PayflowPro
    • Australian Verisign PayFlowPro
    • Verisign PayflowPro v4
    • Australian Verisign PayFlowPro
    • QPAY
    • PayGate
    • PBSFuzion (dankort)
    • eProcessing
    • Beanstream
    • TWYP E-Commerce (de internetkassa van de ING Bank)
    • conviator
    • Waterfront
    • CCAvenue
    • Secure Hosting
    • ePDQ Barclaycard Business, Barclays Bank PLC
    • PayDollarClientPost
    • PayDollarDirectClient
    • Google Checkout
    • Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
    • Ogone iDeal
    • eWAY
    • Wannafind
    • Internet Secure
    • iVeryLite
    • Innovative
    • Westpac Web Advantage
    • iDeal
    • 2Checkout
    • Authorize.Net Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)
    • In addition the following payment gateways can be used via .netCHARGE control (separately sold): NaviGate, Realex Payments, HSBC UK, InnovativeGateway/Merchant (Quickbooks), SecurePay, YourPay, Concord, CyberSource, Trust Commerce, OptimalPayments, ESecPayments, Vital / Visanet Native, PlugnPay, Paymentech Native, Processor, Paymentech Orbital Gateway, Echo, Moneris, Nova Native Processor, Bank Of America, LinkPoint, Itransact, PayReady, VerisignPayflowLink, Intellipay, viaKLIX (Nova), Ecx, PlanetPayment, Mcps, Cybercash, SkipJack, Itransact, PayReady, NetBilling, ioNgate, PSiGate, PayCom, ePoch
    • Manual (offline) credit card processing Option (only Credit Card data will be saved during checkout, no connection to CC Gateway)

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Our Category 5 Datacenter can withstand a direct hit from the worst tornadoes
Copper and fiber access to carrier bandwidth using cable management trays throughout the building
All critical infrastructure components are monitored using SNMP management tools
Four SONET fibers provide redundant carrierfiber access (AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, and COX)
Redundant tier one internet bandwidth managed by Route Science
AT&T, MCI, Qwest, Global Crossing, Alltel, Sprint, Cox and Level 3
Dual entrances into building multiple CO redundancy and fiber access


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